The Brave Browser – And BAT's all she wrote

My interest in the Brave browser originated from my affection for cryptocurrencies, but I also believed in the Basic Attention Token’s potential as a digital payment platform. Lately, my experiences with the Brave browser and, by proxy, Brave Software, have changed my mind.

Brave nightly with the Binance widget

It’s not a feature it’s a window opener (literally) to Binance’s buy and sell crypto page.

I hope Brave Software got a good deal from Binance because the rest of their credibility just went out the window.

Brave Rewards

As for the Brave rewards, well I found that my attention is not for sale after all. Swiping away ads gets old fast, and I’ve not clicked on a single one since 2019. Sure, I could disable Brave rewards, but without it, the Brave browser is just another severely lacking Chromium fork.

Anyhow, let’s have a look at my combined earnings since September 2019. I’ve been using the Brave browser on both mobile and desktop, and I’ve clocked in four months as a Brave creator.

Brave Rewards | Creator

Mar. 2020Feb. 2020Jan. 2020Dec. 2019Nov. 2019Oct. 2019Sep. 2019Total rewards
DNFDNFDNF0.01.430.95*0.02.38 BAT

*= Self-tipped.

Brave creator earnings for creator earnings: That’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

Brave Rewards | Ads

DeviceMar. 2020Feb. 2020Jan. 2020Dec. 2019Nov. 2019Oct. 2019Sep. 2019Total rewards
Mobile23.08.2528.7547.930.257.45-145.6 BAT
Desktop16.023.523. BAT
Predictably, I didn't make a killing on tips from other Brave browser users, but the earnings from ads were decent. Additionally, I've always gotten more BAT than estimated from ads, including a nice boost for Christmas.
Brave reward ad earnings

Mobile ad earnings (left) and desktop ad earnings (right).

BAT Giveaway

In total, I’ve managed to stack up 300 BATs from Brave rewards and I would like to pay them forward to somebody else. However, only website publishers are eligible (as in no social media accounts).


  • You’re an independent content creator with a website (preferable in English)
  • An Uphold connected account (verified wallet)

If you want my BATs then send an email with a link to your website to the following address: bat at paranoidpenguin dot net

In case I get no response whatsoever, I’ll be offloading the BATs to a publisher of my choosing after April 5 (my final payout date).

I’ll post an update right here when I’ve selected a recipient for my tokens :)

A Brave Goodbye

In hindsight, I should probably have titled this post differently to gain some attention from the BAT believers. I received a few suggestions as to where I should offload my BATs, but nobody asked for them directly.

After spending some time digging through the publishers’ API, I eventually ended up tipping a publisher that offers a variety of resources and services for free. And they also enjoy Linux and pizza.

Brave BAT tips

A look at my, well really Uphold’s, empty wallet.