Fake Chrome apps published with Google as the developer name

I’m pretty much done with getting annoyed by all the spam and fake applications populating the Chrome Web Store. But still, once in a while you come across something special that is just too good to pass up.

There is no secret that copying an established brand makes it easier for scammers to trick their victims into installing fake apps. However, I’ve never seen them get away with (ab)using the Google brand. I guess nothing is sacred anymore as “Google” is now pushing their own AdBlocker(s) from the Chrome Web Store.

Fake Chrome apps

Block Google Ads with Google’s AdBlocker?

Say one thing for these scammers, say they really know how to pull of a heist. And in case you’re wondering, if you should happen to install the fake application you’ll be redirected to a page serving ads from Google AdSense. It’s a simple but effective plot and I’m guessing there is plenty of good money to be had as well.

How does it work? An introduction: Chrome Web Store – Your new one stop shop for malware and spam

In conclusion, here are three simple rules for using the Chrome Web Store

  1. Don’t trust the application name.
  2. Don’t trust the application logo.
  3. Don’t trust the developer name.

For the record, the apps in question are now gone from the store.