OTRS 5 – MailAccountFetch does not retrieve new mail

Time for another unfortunate run in with the OTRS 5 Daemon. Again I got a call from a customer informing me that OTRS had been idle for a day without creating any new tickets.

While reviewing the OTRS Daemon summery I could observe that all tasks were reported as “successful”, but the MailAccountFetch task had been running for 1.6 days. I figured it would be enough to restart the Daemon to resolve the issue, but no such luck. After stopping the Daemon and reviewing the list of running processes I noticed that an instance of otrs.Daemon.pl was still running.

OTRS5 MailAccountFetch

OTRS 5 and the never ending MailAccountFetch task.

The following steps were performed on a CentOS 6.x system to correct the issue:

# Stop crond and email services
/etc/init.d/crond stop
/etc/init.d/sendmail stop

# Stop the OTRS daemon
bin/otrs.Console.pl stop

# List processes belonging to the OTRS user
ps -u otrs

# Kill off the offending process
kill -9 pid

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